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Hercules Linton Memorial, Inverbervie
Location: Inverbervie. When the A92 enters Inverbervie at its Northern end, it crosses a bridge over the Bervie Water. The memorial stands on the right hand side of the road, just over the bridge. There is a signpost on the main road opposite it.
OS Map Reference: NO 831 728
Date: 1997
Description: A full scale carved timber replica of the figurehead from the renowned tea clipper "the Cutty Sark" carved from Linton's original drawings 3 metres tall. with a black granite plaque engraved with the image of the ship. The figurehead depicts the young witch in Robert Burns' poem "Tam O Shanter" grasping the tail of Tam's mare, her right breast bared. In the Scot's language 'cutty sark' means a short shirt or shift, it is interesting that despite that fact and the otherwise erotic nature of the figure, the carving is actually wearing quite a long shift, perhaps the Victorian era was much more at ease with tits than with bums.
Related Information: Hercules Linton the designer of the 'Cutty Sark' was born in Inverbervie in 1837, the ship was built in Dumbarton by the firm Scott and Linton in 1869 and is now kept at Greenwich. (recently damaged by fire 2007). This memorial dedicated by the people of Inverbervie on 11th July 1997 replaces one unveiled by Sir Francis Chichester in 1969 (created by Scott Sutherland 1910 - 1984). Linton died in 1900 in the same house as he was born in and is buried in Inverbervie kirkyard. The statue and surrounds are showing some neglect refurbishment is planned for the near future.
Era: 1900s
Settlement: Inverbervie
Town: Stonehaven
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Categories: Other Memorials and Grave Art
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Outsider Art and Folk Art
Iconography: human figure
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Hercules Linton Memorial
Hercules Linton Memorial
Hercules Linton Memorial
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