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Aikey Brae stone circle or Parkhouse stone circle
Location: On top of Parkhouse Hill above Aikey Brae stance, until 1950s location of a major horse fair, also the site of a bitter battle in 1308, the climax of the "Harrying of Buchan" when Robert the Bruce defeated the Comyn family. Access up a track from Parkhouse Farm. South off B9029 near Maud, 2 miles west of Old Deer
OS Map Reference: NJ 959 471
Date: 5,000-4,000 Before Present?
Description: Elliptical Recumbent Stone Circle; Widest diameter 16.6 metres, narrowest diameter 12.8 metres five erect stones including recumbent and E pillar, five prostrate stones including W pillar. They are set upon a bank of small stones and earth 1.92m x 0.76m. c14.4 m in diameter, with kerbs formed by slab-like stones on the inner and outer faces, it appears flat, however below the surface, the interior is made up, at least partially, of a mass of small boulders. It was a considerable feat to haul all the great stones of the ring, including the massive, whale-like recumbent (weighing 21 tons), into position on this bank. Such banks are a particular feature of recumbent Stone circles in Buchan. An arc of monoliths runs out from the fallen west flanker; the southern and central ones were perhaps selected for their distinctly phallic shape. These stones are exceptionally tall: the cast flanker stands 2.23 m high and its fallen partner on the west is 2.86 m long. Clear signs that the seven stones of the ring were graded in height can still be seen. Most of the stones are of granite, but the fallen west flanker and the recumbent are of whinstone. The latter, 4.6 m long is rather uneven over its upper surface, yet overall quite level; it is beaked at the west end for ease of levering into position, but very straight at the east. A very atmospheric site.
Related Information: The site belongs to the local council. There is a good view to the South and East at the time of writing a plantation of trees still obscures the view to the North, otherwise one could clearly see Loudon Wood Recumbent Stone Circle, about a mile away as the crow flies. Nearby ruins of Deer Abbey to the North East.
Era: neolithic era
Settlement: Old Deer
Town: Peterhead
County: Aberdeenshire
Information Source: Aberdeen and NE Scotland by Ian Shepherd, RCAHMS, HMSO
Related Artefacts: Deer Abbey, commerative plaque to St Mary and St Drostan
Categories: Megalithic
External Links: Aberdeenshire Sites Monuments Record

Aikey Brae stone circle wide view
Aikey Brae stone circle recumbent and flanker
Aikey Brae RSC
Aikey Brae RSC uprights
Aikey Brae RSC upright